Why rent or buy refurbished?

Action Compaction Services sources and re-build’s trash compactors to like new conditions using the highest quality components and technicians with, in many cases, decades of experience. Each machine is inspected and repaired in four areas:


Critical structural steel is assessed and replaced or repaired as needed. Special attention is paid to repairing holes or abrasions that may cause leaks, structural members that require additional welding, and the full function of all moving steel components.

Electrical and controls

Electrical components are tested are replaced as needed. PLC and control logic is customized to meet the clients specific applications. Safety interlocks are inspected and repaired or replaced as needed.

Hydraulic components

Cylinders are inspected and either rebuilt or replaced as needed. Hoses and connections are inspected for excessive wear then tested and replaced as needed.


Our refurbished compactors are washed, prepped, primed and painted to like new condition ensuring that not only is your compactor functional and that it will look like new at your facility.


Safety hazard decals are installed after paint